Two forecasts when combing budget and actuals


I am working With combining actuals and budget. It Works fine if it is only one forecast, then I can use future dates as the forecast. But I also want to use include the old forecast, making it two forecasts. Then I can’t use it twice, I guess.

Any suggestion of how I should do then?



Hi Hans,

Can you expand on this request a little bit.

Can you showcase images of the scenario more, or alternatively add the model to the post so that I can review it.

Just on reflection I can’t really see there being an issue with this, but I need to know more. I don’t feel I understand everything at play here around where the data is located, what the model looks like etc.

The more information on the whole scenario the better for me to give you the best answer.


Hi Sam,

I worked it out. I just filter it out by scenario, in that way I get a new measure.


Ok sure thing.