Trying to add up "in process" steps

So I have a process. If there is a date in the “JOA SENT TO MGR DT” but not in the “JOA Closed Date” then I want it counted as “in process draft”. So I created a conditional column(JOA Step 1 and JOA Closed Step 1) for both columns in Power Query and then wrote a DAX formula (In Process - Drafts) to count things.

I put them in a table just to look at my values and I am getting a 2 in some cases. I don’t know what’s going on.
1018 working draft.pbix (97.2 KB) (upload://qFL9Gn18ig2pbYxZTNlKGCepNTm.png)

Hi @talk2gwhite,

You have 2 records in your source file and that’s why you are getting 2. Please see snapshot below:

Your data:

Please have a look at your source data and hopefully you will be able to find reason.


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Thanks for the keen eye!

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@talk2gwhite Hey Mate,
You can use distinct count to calculate the value . Have a look on image .


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