Trend changing Inputs

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Looking for some help, I need to provide insurance mix of patients that i saw in last two years and how is the trend changing

Insurance Companies Patient ID Appointment Date
Insurance 1 88542 23-Feb-10
Insurance 2 76442 24-Mar-11
Insurance 2 76442 24-Mar-12
Insurance 3 76453 25-Apr-13
Insurance 6 76514 22-Apr-20
Insurance 7 76544 15-Sep-20
Insurance 5 76542 11-Oct-14
Insurance 3 76453 12-Dec-14
Insurance 6 76514 22-Sep-10
Insurance 7 76544 13-Sep-20
Insurance 5 76542 11-Sep-20
Insurance 4 76575 13-Mar-20


I’m not sure how you want to visualize this, but I think one effective way is to use a matrix visual with some conditional formatting to color in the blank areas:


CF Background = 

VAR Result=
    MAX( Data[Insurance Short Name] ),
        Data[Patient ID] =  SELECTEDVALUE( Data[Patient ID] ) &&
        Data[Appt Year] = RELATED( Dates[Year] )

IF( Result = BLANK(), 0, Result)

I hope this is helpful. Full solution file attached below.

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Thanks @BrianJ , but what if we need to show information related mix of insurance patients for last 2 years and trend

Could you please help me here 1234.pbix (1.2 MB)

Here is my PBIX file for your reference.



I’m happy to help you here, but at this point to productively move forward what I need is a mockup of the outcome you are trying to achieve. That can be in the form of Excel, PowerPoint or even a hand-drawn sketch. Just something to give me an idea of what you want the report/visual to look like.


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