Transpose groups

Hi @sam.mckay,
I have a text file composed of grouped lines. Actually, each group is a single record split on different lines (it’s a system log file) and I need to analyze that data, but in order to do that, I need to transpose each group in a single row.
The number of lines for each group may vary from 1 to 3, but this number is not fixed.
Googling didn’t help me to straighten this odd format with PQ.
Can you please help?



group transpose.xlsx (20.7 KB)

Hi @Roberto,

Think this should do it…

Here’s my sample file. Transpose Groups.pbix (16.3 KB)
I hope this is helpful


Hi @Melissa it worked smoothly. Nice the ExtractList step. I was trying to use the index but this passage makes the trick.

Thanks a lot