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We’re relaunching the @Transport Ecosystem this month. Everything will be public this month within the forum.

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Hi @Transport, @TransportEcosystem, @Paul, @jpratt, @Pete673, @uriah1977, we aim to consistently improve the Enterprise DNA Ecosystems by upgrading a centralized location of talented Power BI users and analyst with others in similar industries or business functions through the forum. With this, we aim to help you find an avenue where you can collaborate and connect within the forum. Interested to hear what you’ve been up to lately with Power BI.

Hi @EnterpriseDNA, it has been a while since I focused specifically on Power BI reporting for our regional school transportation division, but only because I already provided agency revenue and expense reporting and Transportation-specific analytics for the call center ticketing/billable service tracking system that I developed for them. I love reading on the forum about other call center-related and service provision-related topics, especially time intelligence, because they give me ideas about how to support the mission-critical Transportation needs. We did just open our own maintenance garage, and they have their own system, but you never know when that call will come :slight_smile:.