Totals Not Filtered Correctly by Min Date


I need to calculate a prior year’s usage for Accounts in the transaction table by the Program Start Date field in another table (Program.Participants.)

I can not establish the correct filter context. I don’t know if this is a modeling issue or an incorrect DAX logic/syntax structure, or both. The calculation filters a start date for the Min Date in the entire Program Participants table instead of a Min Date for each account in that table.

The complication is the Incentive Program Participants table. The Accounts can be enrolled in multiple Programs and have different or the same Start Dates. To make things easier at the moment, we’re selecting the earliest date of any Program they enrolled in as the overall Start Date.

I’ve attached a sample file and the source data.
Program Example.pbix (3.1 MB)
Program Tracking for Randy.xlsx (137.0 KB)

Thank you!

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