Top 10 % by Disputed Orders

Hi Sam,

I’m trying to work out how to get the Top 10 Disputed orders % by a supplier. I have the calculations for Total Orders, Disputed Orders, and % of Disputes.

I have no problem getting TOP10 by the supplier for total orders and Disputed orders but when I try to do TOP10 supplier for disputed % its return 100% all the time. I know I’m doing something wrong. Could you please help me?



Please see below calculations I’m trying to do.

1.Avg Dispute % =

DIVIDE([Dispute Orders],[Total Orders],0)

2.Top 10 Subbies by % of Disputes =

CALCULATE([Avg Dispute %],FILTER(VALUES('Cost Vs Revenue'[Supplier]),

IF(RANKX(ALL('Cost Vs Revenue'[Supplier]),[Avg Dispute %],,DESC) <=10,[Avg Dispute %],BLANK())))

I think you are on the right track, but would suggest reviewing this video to help solve this.