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Tip: Keeping Up to Date on Power BI Developments

I recently came across three great resources for staying up to date on Power BI that I thought might be of interest to those on this forum, if you haven’t already come across them:

Power BI Weekly - A great free summary of the week’s top Power Bi news, articles, blog entries, etc. The week’s new Enterprise DNA blog entries are always listed. You can read it here on the web, or subscribe to have it emailed to you every week:

Power BI Events - A regularly updated, interactive Power BI report displaying upcoming Power BI events worldwide

BI Focal Podcast - a 30-40 Minute weekly podcast dedicated to Power BI. The contents typically are split between discussion of monthly update features, news and updates from conferences, new features they’re lobbying Microsoft to include in future updates, and interviews with prominent people in the Power BI field.

  • Brian

Thanks for sharing Brian, I’ll add them to my reading list :wink:

Great links. Thanx Brian

Forum Members,

I’m not listening to as many podcasts as I used to, now that the commute to my work location is 50 feet, rather than 50 minutes, but I found two good new ones to add to this resource list:

  1. Knee-Deep in Tech - this is a weekly-ish half hour podcast done by two Microsoft MVPs, focusing on both news and occasionally larger big picture issues related to the Microsoft stack. While not exclusively Power BI focused, there is a lot of PBI content.

  1. SSBI - this one is almost the exact opposite of Knee-Deep in Tech. It comes out only every month or so, and focuses on longform interviews with the big names in the Power BI community. It’s relatively new, and so there are only a few episodes so far, but I’m really enjoying this one.

  • Brian

Interesting will have to check this out.

No one from the EDNA Community has been interviewed yet from what I can tell so none of the BIG names have really have been connected.

I think the EDNA podcast is inevitable?

We should have a naming contest.

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