TIP - Filtering Slicer Selection

We have all had instances where we use a slicer in our data, but get frustrated because it does not get filtered to the appropriate data based on other filters.

Example - my datasource includes 30 sales people, but only 10 should show in the slicer for the dates I have selected.

I have seen a variety of solutions for this, including bi-directional filters on the two tables (Sales and Salesperson).

But in this video from BI Elite, Parker shows a very elegant solution.

Now, the point of this video is actually to show how to slice data based on the results of the Total Sales measure (which is an interesting trick as well) - but at the 6:41 mark, he then filters the disconnected slicer table to show only relevant data based on the visual. This is done with a virtual table. Really cool trick and I’m going to need to add to some of my existing reports.

a few keywords, and marking this as solution.

Slice to Relevant Values, Slice to Relevant Members, Slice by Measure Result


Seems this one made a big impression on both of us… :smiley:

  • Brian

I hadn’t seen that yet Brian :smiley: - moderators, feel free to delete this if you don’t want the duplication.

Honestly - for me, the neat part wasn’t about filtering the measure by the value, but filtering the slicer to only show relevant values