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Time to perform activity measure

i have attached model below. i am trying to measure time spent performing picking activity. There is no start or stop time for each pick scan so i am measuring the time between the first and last pick scan for an operators shift on a specific order to calculate raw pick time for that order. this works great most of the time, but sometimes operators will start an order, then go do other things for an hour or a few hours, then come back to pick that order. this results in the measure counting several hours spent picking that order when in reality it may have taken as little as 5 minutes time to pick that order. i am hoping someone here has a better way to calculate the pick time. the measure i am specifically looking for help with is the rawpicktime measure under my time intelligence measure group.

OperatorActivity - Anon.pbix (872.0 KB)

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Hi @kritchie

Looking at the Model and Data, don’t think it is possible to determine the actual time for Pick up unless there is some field in Data to identify Idle time.

One option will be to limit the maximum time for Pick to some specific number say 10 minutes and if any Pickup duration is more than it, then calculate as 10 min only.

Ankit Jain