Latest Enterprise DNA Initiatives

This is what we have planned for Analyst Hub release schedule this month

You can try out Analyst Hub now here

Projects feature - a way to easily add different app documents into specific folders or into projects

Teams feature - we are creating the ability to have private groups within the Analyst Hub. We’ll be leaving it quite flexible so you can join more than one team and collaborate with anyone you like who also has Analyst Hub access

Easily share documents externally - we want to make it really easier to share documents with anyone, so we’re creating some simple share links

Upgrade formatting within comments and descriptions - simple improvements to any text areas so that your formatting sticks when you commit

Ability to change document names dynamically - making it easier to adjust names of documents whenever you like, especially to DAX formulas

…some other small ones, but these are the big updates happening this month.

These will be huge and add a ton of additional functionality to the application very quickly.

Excited to hear what you think.




Having a great experience with Analyst Hub so far. Easy and fun to use, extremely flexible and the addition of Teams and Products will make it a complete solution. Also really like that it’s a strong complement to, rather than a competitor of this forum.

Thanks to you and the developers for listening so closely to the user community. Can’t wait for the new release. :+1:

  • Brian
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I have really started to love the DAX functions that are shared in the community. There are many DAX measures often used repeatedly with slight modifications and will significantly reduce the report development time.

The new projects feature was badly needed otherwise there will be abundance of projects/information that would be difficult to find easily. Now grouping them would definitely make it easier.

Ability to change document names DYNAMICALLY, I can’t get it what dynamically means here.

In Creating Projects, I feel the # of docs that can be uploaded is not much.

Do we have the functionality of uploading videos? For e.g. Is it possible In Teams feature if someone wants to upload a video to give instructions?

It would be interesting to use the Teams feature which we haven’t dived into it yet.

All in all, amazing work by the team behind the development of Analyst HUB.

Re: instructional videos - it works perfectly if you screencap the instructional video and then post it to AH as an animated GIF. Check it out:

  • Brian
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Great to hear.

All good suggestions Mudassir.

Yep we’re moving on Project as quick as we can. Crucial feature so we are making it top priority.

Teams is going to be great also. But is complex due to the flexibility I want built into it. We’re working hard on this one.

Regarding changing document names, this is just simply being able to easily change a document name after you’ve created it. You can’t do this currently.

Regarding videos, yes this has be another very recent idea suggested and we’ll be looking into it. Could be a few months away as we have other things we want first. You can do a small work around as per Brian above.