The Ultimate Budget Allocation Methodology For Power BI Analysis

Hello @sam.mckay.
Really useful technique displayed in this tutorial video.
I have a question about one of the DAX formulas not shown within the video but included within the accompanying file, accessible to members, and which can be used for working out Cumulative Budgets, located on page two. I will attempt to attach an image to accompany this query.

The formula you’ve used within the SUMX statement works so well but is confusing me as heck :slight_smile:
I attempted to break the formula up by creating the SUMMARIZE table first, and writing a CALCULATE measure containing SUMX to see if I could obtain the same Cumulative outcome, and as I expected it does not work i.e. the link to the Product table is severed.
I am guessing that your formula enables everything to be done “virtually”, including reaching back into the Budget Allocation Measure, and enabling the Product slicer to still filter the Cumulative Budgets?

Can you please explain with a bit more detail regarding:
a. the principles you are using within your Cumulative Budgets measure e.g. virtual tables, context transition etc.
b. Please comment also on the purpose of [Budgets] (underlined in red).
It looks like it’s a measure but as it does not have the colour Power BI gives measures, I guess it’s a column.
c. Links to other tutorials within the Enterprise DNA portal that hone in on similar combinations of these principles for further learning.

It’s my first time posting within the forum, and I carried out a search to see if a question had been posted about this video and got a direct link to this page. Kindly let me know if this is not the best place to post this question and I can move it into somewhere within the forum.

Ultimate%20Budget%20Allocation%20Formula can you please create a new thread for your query and tag the category to what is best (i.e. Power BI, DAX) so I and other members in the community can easily see your question and attend to it?