Template file (.pbit) using a parameter to have user input folder as data source

I have created a report I need to use as a .pbit file. I have set up a parameter so that the user can enter the folder path to update the data source for the report. The reason I need to use a folder and not a file is that each user will have multiple files, varying names, and varying number of files that need to be included in the report. I have it set so that the query appends each of the files so it doesn’t matter how many files they have or what the name of the file is. Each of their files will have the same layout so that is not an issue either. I was able to create the .pbix file just fine. The problem comes when I save the file as a .pbit. When I open the .pbit file and input my folder path if I do not have all the same files with the exact same names then it gives an error saying it can’t find the file. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

I posted the same question on the PBI community and was provided a solution. Check it out here

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