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Need some direction
Received the attached email from EDNA
Not sure where the … are to select Tagged as Solution. Can someone provide more details and a screenshot where the … are located.

Thank you

Hi @ambidextrousmentally
that information will be on your posting that you posted within the forum. in the email message there will some kind of link/icon that will take you to the posting.

i hope this helps

as mentioned in Keith’s message above, you need to be in the forum to mark an item as solution.
At the bottom of each message, you will see these icons (red arrow points to the three dots mentioned in the message)


after clicking on the three dots, you now get all of these icons:

NOTE: the solution checkbox option only appears if you are the original poster on the question.
You can mark any one post in the thread as the solution - and this closes the question so others know that it has been solved.

Hi @ambidextrousmentally, did the response provided by @Heather and @Keith help you solve your query?

If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark this thread as solved, if you still need help finding where the Solution Box is, just let us know.