Syncing selected bar chart to the next page via DAX query

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Besides “drill through” to carry “filtered data” from a visual to the next page, if there is a way DAX query can achieve the similar function ? --> passing selected bar chart info to the next page (diff reporting tabs, but inside the same PBIX file)

1)Power BI can sync “filters” between reports. (we are using it)
2)Drilling through in power BI --> in some of our use cases, not perfect.
E.g. during right clicking, too many other options besides “drill through” . (I have posted this question as a separate topic)

When user selected a bar chart, then continue to click on “View Detail” button, not only the “theDate” & “PvsN” filters will sync to the detail page. But also the data selected on bar chart. (in my example below: Jan 1 2019 data)


here is the PBIX sample file.
Selected bar chart to next page.pbix (239.5 KB)


I wasn’t sure whether this was possible or not, but after some research and experimentation I don’t think it is currently possible within Power BI. Here’s what I did in the attached file:

  1. created two slicer harvesting measures, one for the main page and one for the detail page
  2. synced the two “theDate” slicers
  3. edited the interaction of the bar chart to filter the main page “theDate” slicer

The slicer interactions sync perfectly across pages. However, clicking on the bar chart does register with the main page slicer harvest measure/card, but does not carry over to the detail page as evidenced by the graphics below:



Hopefully, someone out there on the forum has a clever trick I haven’t tried that will make this work (quite possible), but at this point I think unless it’s a slicer visual it won’t sync across pages.

I’ve attached my test file so that you can experiment with it as well.

Thanks Brian! Your findings confirmed my answer. I had been googling prior to posting this Q. Appreciate ur help. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that was helpful. I’ve noticed lately that there been a lot of questions on the forum similar to yours about controlling slicer behavior (e.g., overriding slicers, with DAX, dynamically adjusting slicer ranges based on other measures, controlling slicer syncing) and as I’ve delved into some of these, I found it’s a pretty complex topic. I will raise this as new topic in the Content Ideas section of the forum.

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