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SWITCH Optimization

Hi, it is a simple code with SWITCH statement, but I had to add extra groups and then everything slowed down. How could I optimize this?

test_New Price =

VAR vPurchase_price_EUR = CALCULATE(SUM(Invent[EstCostPrice])*[Currency ratio Value])


– pricing

SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId]) = "101",

SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId]) = "102",

SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId]) = "103",

SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId]) = "104",

SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId])= "105",

SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId]) = "190",

SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId])= "195",

SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId]) = "198",


SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId]) = “211” && SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[Brand])=“Sony”,

SELECTEDVALUE(Invent[GroupId]) = “211” ,

–ELSE // All other

Hi @Vladas,

Its very difficult to optimize a dax measure by just looking at it. you have to provide more context to the calculation as why are you writing such a long expression and what is the end goal you want to achieve. Further for optimization purpose a mock up of your existing model is important and also if you can share the vpax file of your model probably then we can think of helping you in terms of optimization.



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