Sumx placing total not totaling the line


I am using a Sumx to get a total in for each merchant. The issue is when I add the the measure using Sumx I get in the total for everything not the total for the merchant. I believe it is a model issue becuase the item that I am summing is on the project table and has to join in the merchant.

Two table that I am using is

Product UPS which contains that amount that I am Summing which is AsortProbCount

And the Merchant Name is coming from the TrackerNoDups.

Here is the model:

Thanks for your help!


Hi Art, this has to be purely context related due to the relationships in your model

It looks like you’re attempting to filter from the many side to the one side. This isn’t possible.

The filters will only flow from the one side, through the arrow to the many side.

Any reason why you’ve set it up like this? - as you never should do so. Calculations in measures should nearly always happen on the many side and filter should come from the lookup tables. To me this has been switch for some reason