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Sum of qty two months (and more) prior to a particular month

Hello Forum,

I have a table that contains several other measures such as the sum of CRM opportunities (forecast qty), and the sum of shipped qty. Now, I need to add the sum of ordered qty.

The catch is that order qty needs to be based on orders that are equal to/greater than 2 months before the due date. For example: Assume we have orders with the following due dates and order dates.

Order and due date both live in the Orders table…but only due dates is connected to my date table.

The only values that I want to sum are those with an order date 2 months (or more) before the due date month. So in this example, I would only want to sum up the quantities for the months with order date months of Jan and Feb since these are two months (or more) than the due date month.

Order Date Due Date Qty Ordered
Jan 3 April 15 345
Jan 24 April 3 89
Feb 5 April 8 876
Feb 18 April 27 732
Mar 5 April 23 458
April 9 April 18 762

Ideally, I need the formula in a measure, not a calculated column

Hi @richmont ,

Give something like this a go.


I hope this is helpful

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Hi Melissa - Fantastic…this seems to be working! You are a lifesaver as I needed this for a presentation I have here in the US (in three hours). Plus, great that now I can study this solution and learn from it. You guys are great and keep up the good work…

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I may have spoke too soon. The formula does work, but it does not factor in those situations where the previous months are in the previous year. For example, September (9) is greater than May (5), but if the order date is September of the previous year it needs to be counted.

Hi @richmont ,

Just tested the wonderful formula of Melissa, it works properly, also over year-end, see table below for test examples. Or is there a misunderstanding from my site ?
OrderDueDate v3.pbix (131.3 KB)

Below is another possible way to calculate the requested Orders with a due date of minimal 2 months:

> DS Orders w 2 month duedate = CALCULATE( SUM( OrderT[Orderamount]), 
>                 FILTER( OrderT, DATEDIFF( OrderT[Orderdate], OrderT[Due Date], DAY ) >60 ))

Kind regards, deltaselect


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