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Strategy question on creating a table


I’ve got a table with end-of-week stock prices for a few thousand tickers each week (and several years worth of data), and another with quarterly financial data for each ticker. I want to spread the quarterly financial data to each week of price data so I can calculate the financial ratios as of each week. I also want averages of these ratios over time (average P/E, average EV/Sales. etc), so would need some sort of a table for the AVERAGE() function to work.

I’ve got a measure that spreads the quarterly data to every date in the calendar table, but it isn’t exactly what I want.


DATESBETWEEN ( 'Calendar'[Date], BLANK (), MAX ( 'Calendar'[Date] ) ),

MAX ( Fundamentals[revenue] )


What I’d like is to set up a static table with the End-of-week date, the ticker, the price, then all of the financial fields. The financial fields will, or course repeat until the next quarterly results are released. Any ideas, or can someone point me to a post where this is explained? Or better yet, can I talk it through with someone?

This is my first post, so please forgive any protocol breeches.


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We are waiting for your masked demo pbix file and other supporting links and details. Other users can help you more if you have a PBIX file in your query.

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