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Strange Data Model

@BrianJ ,

I just watched your video about “junk dimensions” and afterwards read the appropriate chapters in Kimball’s and Ross’ “Data Warehouse Toolkit”, and I think I should take a closer look at that concept.

Probably that might solve some problems with my (still to be developed) data model.

But as mentioned before: let’s wait for the customer’s resonpse.

Best regards

BTW: great video :+1::+1:

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@Mjuds ,

Thanks for the feedback - glad you enjoyed that video and found it useful.

That’s one of the many great benefits of the forum as well - if you’re a content creator or trainer, it provides a never-ending source of great material for teaching/training.

Really hope the customer comes through on this one - I very much want to see this one through to the end with you…

  • Brian


Although I still didn’t get the order yet I would like to share my current Table Structure in Excel.
Maybe it gives some hints about the pitfalls that may follow in PBI (even if I don’t get the order it might also be helpful for other projects).

The structure is aligned/requested by the customer (I proposed some changes, but the customer wants it that way…).

Apartment Administration - Draft.xlsx (518.5 KB)