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Start and End Date in Slicer Selection

Hi all,

I want to use a slicer to filter the report in such a way that it shows all data in between the start and end date on a monthly level.
Using the slicer in Between gives the ability to choose any range which my client doesn’t like. As they want the user to only choose at least one month.
Is there a way to have maybe two slicers one for start date (month & year) and another for end date (month & year)
For instance, if Jan 2020 is selected in Start Date and May 2020 in End Date the data should show the range from Jan 2020 to May 2020.

Thank you!

HI @iasma,

If you have a date table then you can add 2 column “Start Date” and “End Date” with the same value as format you need i.e. MMM YYYY and put this as a drop down slicer in your report.

Once user select Start Date and End Date from these 2 selection it will show date with that range.


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