Slicer Visualisation on two columns


Hope someone can help

I receive data in the format below where the Demand Type is a concatenation from exported from an

I bring this excel sheet into Power BI. I then split the Demand column using the (,) delimiter now I have Demand Type 1 and Demand Type 2.

My challenge now is I want to use the slicer visualisation but don’t know how to get it to look at both Demand Type 1 and Demand Type 2

Any incites to make this work will would be great

Issue Key Updated Demand Type
Task CI-22 30/03/2017 Failure, Non Compliance
Task CI-23 30/03/2017 Unsure
Task CI-24 30/03/2017 Value
Task CI-25 30/03/2017 Failure
Task CI-26 30/03/2017 Failure, Non Compliance
Task CI-27 30/03/2017 Failure


I think what you need to do here in the query editor is after you have split the column, you then want to unpivot these two columns.

By doing this you will have two rows of information when there are two demand type for any task.

This way when they are in the one column you can then filter by either very easily.



Hi Sam

Thanks for the information report is now humming :grinning:


That’s great