Slicer From A Measure Like Top N

I would like to use a filtered list based on TOP N calculation , as a slicer. I know that slicers can only be taken from columns in a table , so I used the new table command to create columns that looked like my table on the canvas , ie a two column table that has a Name Column, and the Column which has my top N measure in it as a Calculated Column which has the function. Firstly the Table does not filter the Name Column based on Top N , it includes all the names, and I cant join the table to the table which is refereced in the Top N measure , has an error to the effect that the table referenced has a dual direction link , I tried to change this , but its greyed out.

So the question is how can I get the Table on the canvas containing the TOPN Measure and a Name , into a Data Table, from which I can make a slicer . I think the problem is you cant have a data table filtering itself on a measure in that table .

The overall requirement is to have a slicer whose range or choices are filtered by a TOP N measure, which is dynamic , ie the TOPN Names will change Per Year

I have resorted toi using the Names column from the table on the canvas to filter the canvas tables etc , it does the job , but its not intuitive or aesthetically pleasing


Can you explain the scenario with example? If possible please attache pbix file too

Check out the ideas covered in this tutorial. This I believe will get you what you need here