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Slicer excluding values based on measure & groups


I’m trying to create a slicer that excludes a “product description (groups)” with “total balances” below $100. I cannot wrap my head around the logic. Can someone WAY smarter than me help?

Sample file attached.

Sample File.pbix (257.1 KB)

if I understand what you are asking - you can actually do this fairly easily,

  1. add your "Product Description (groups) field to a slicer on the page
  2. with the slicer selected, add “Total Balances” as a filter on the visual
  3. set the visual filter to “is less than 100”


sample is attached (note that I had to add a filter to your page of “Age = 3” in order to even get to a result where total balances was less than $100 for the entire group
eDNA solution - Sample with filtered slicer.pbix (257.6 KB)

Yes, that worked. Thank you!

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