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Showing the latest data refresh


I’ve got a series of product commission files in a SharePoint folder. Every time a new commission file is received it is placed in the folder and everything updates once refreshed. It’s working really well and I have no issues with it.

I’ve got Power Query accessing the data in both a Power BI report as well as in Excel for two different reasons. The Excel ultimately feeds into Power BI and what’s it’s doing is a little out of scope for this post so I won’t go into details.

As I’m building this for a client and I want to ‘idiot proof’ it as much as possible I’m making the excel file simply button pushes to execute macros I’ve set up in the file. One of those macros is to refresh the query to ensure the most up to date data is loaded. What I’m missing is some kind of notification to the user so that they know the query has finished running. Ideally it would give the date and time of the last refresh or even simply says “Refresh run successfully” which would sit in a cell on the front sheet of the excel file next to the macro button.

Any ideas for how to get this would be great as I don’t have any I’m afraid!



Please check out this previous thread. It should give you everything you need.

Adding a Last Refresh date to your Report


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@JarrettM thanks for this. That will be useful going forward.

What I actually needed was just a couple of custom columns in Power Query as I want the refresh date and time showing in the idiot proofed Excel file as opposed to Power BI report.

Thanks for your assistance! :grinning: