Showing revenue at benchmark stores

I want to show the revenue for the benchmarkamrking stores.
I had previously created an inactive relationship and used the metric on it but it didn’t work. I’m asking for help.

Sample pbx:


Hi @Harris,

Thanks for providing a sample PBIX! I’ll start with a quick tip and best practice. Please make a habit of always creating measures and not to drag & drop numeric fields in your visuals.

So the first basic measure is just a sum of the sales revenue column.

Revenue Measure = 
    SUM( Sales[Revenue] )

and the second just branching out and changing the calculation context to the StoreID_Bench.

Revenue Bench Store =
VAR myStore = VALUES( Store_Benchmarking[StoreID_Bench] )
VAR Result = CALCULATE( [Revenue Measure] | ALL(Sales) | Sales[StoreID] IN myStore )


To get you started quickly, please go over these tutorials:

Here’s your file. I hope this is helpful.
eDNA - Showing revenue at benchmark stores.pbix (56.1 KB)

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I can’t handle the StoreID

Sorry, I didn’t notice your pbx file. Everything is great. Thanks!

The issue was with the list separator mine is a “|” and yours probably a " , "

I’m sorry, but I forgot to add a date in this file. Unfortunately your metric doesn’t work with the date filter. I’m asking for your help.