Showcase for workshop and rental

Hi Sam,

I’m wondering if do you have sample showcase for Workshop management and Rental management ?
A typical Workshop management would be something like :

  • Analysis work order / jobs
  • Workers
  • Working hours
  • Service billable hours
  • Sold items

Rental management would be:

  • Rented equipment
  • Available equipment
  • Rented time & new schedule
  • Condition of equipment
  • Frequent customers
  • Forecast

Very excited if you do have it. :smiley:

Many thanks in advance,

There isn’t one on this scenario specifically, but I like the idea.

I’m confident though any techniques you would need would be covered in some way through other content and resources made available.

It sort of depends on what type of analysis you’re looking for on this data.

Maybe one to review would be inventory management. This seems relatively close.

Also maybe some example here around events and logistics would be similar also potentially.


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