Sharing and updating reports with team members

I have been developing reports for about a year now and sharing with our C-Suite Management Team. They all have Pro-Licenses so sharing has been as simple as generating Workspaces and Apps. Since we have automated refresh from our SQL server all reports update daily.

Now I have developed reports for lower end managers who do not have the Pro License. I can download and email the reports to them but the data will never update. Is there a way that these users can refresh their data without having to purchase a Pro License. We do not want to publish to web for security reasons.

Thanks everyone!

Hi @jmolina

You can set up auto-refresh for your reports in service and then you still need one license and you can create a mail group and add those people whom you want to share reports with, by applying the subscription option in the Power BI service.

As you mentioned you don’t want to share the data due to security reasons, then you can just give them the read-only access and then they’ll only be able to view the screenshot of your dashboard through automatically generated emails.

Hope it helps. Let me know if any issues.

I tried this but this feature is only available to free users.