Select results in a table from 2 or more slicers

I have a table with a list of tests and I have results for the tests for multiple properties. I want to list the results of the tests in columns for more than one property that are selected from more than one slicer.

Column1 = Test Name, Column2 = Results for property1 selected from slicer1, Column3 = Results for property2 selected from slicer2… for up to maybe 5 properties on the table.

I have created separate tables property1, and property2 with property references, and linked them to the main property table. I have used the references for property1 in slicer 1, and the references for property2 in slicer2.

I then hoped that by creating 2 measures one calculating the test results, and using AllSelected from Slicer1, and the other calculating the test results, and using AllSelected from slicer2.

But that didn’t seem to work.

I have tried using a matrix and getting results from 2 separate slicers in 1 matrix, but that does not work either. I feel like the answer is in the measures I am creating.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @dtrueman.

To help us further analyze your current state and visualize your issue, could you please provide as many as you can of:

  • Your work-in-progress PBIX file, using sanitized data if necessary
  • Your dataset as an Excel file (again, sanitized if necessary)
  • A detailed mock-up (marked-up screenshot of the visual in question or Excel file) showing your desired outcome.

Also, if you provide DAX, Power Query, or Deneb JSON code in your post, please format it using the built-in formatter.


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