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Searching for Specific Topics on the Forum

I’m a bit embarassed here by not finding the answer myself, but here goes.

A few days ago, I watched a class during which Sam or Brian demonstrated how to search through the Forum for questions and responses to a specific topic, such as TOPN, Cumulative Totals, Dynamic Segmentation, etc.

I’ve watched so many classes recently, that I can’t recall which class it was. Additionally, I don’t see how to invoke this feature in the Forum.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.


John Giles

@JohnG ,

the screenshot in this post should be helpful:

There are three levels of specificity you can search on. The one above is the most narrow – these are topics/videos/chapters in the learning portal that you can search using the forum search and specify keywords.

A less specific filter, but still useful is the search the forum itself for those keywords plus a username if you know a certain member has addressed that topic and you’re trying to find the post you read.

For example:

@Melissa extended date table will get you to every post Melissa has made about the extended date table

The lowest level specificity is simply typing keywords into the forum not filtered by portal content or username. I rarely do this unless it’s a pretty unusual topic, because with over 40,000 posts in the forum any common keyword will produce a large (often unmanageable) number of results.

Finally, if you’re looking for information on functions like TOPN, the Enterprise DNA Knowledgebase is a great resource that won’t produce a blizzard of results:


I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian
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As always, thanks for the prompt response, Brian.

John Giles