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What is the best way to search only for the videos which includes certain topics.
For example, I would like to search for, say, RELATED function, and I would like the videos to be shown here.
Thank you


  1. Go to Search / Options
  2. Select Enterprise DNA
  3. Add your search criteria


I would use this techniques we discussed yesterday in the thread below, however, “Related” is a somewhat problematic example, since it’s not only the name of the function, but a word that will occur frequently in other video descriptions related to physical, inactive and virtual relationships. Thus, if you search on Enterprise DNA Online content and just “related” you will probably get too much, and will want to narrow the search to “related function”. This is a problem you won’t have with most DAX functions, such as TREATAS, ADDDCOLUMNS, HASONEVALUE, etc. where the function name can’t be confused with a narrative word.

I hope that’s helpful.

  • Brian

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