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Scatter plot with grouped data colours

Hi all,

Attached is some dummy info for reference. I am trying to create 4 scatter plots all with related assets and units. I have set up the scatter plots into quadrants for:
scatter 1: GDP vs Rent (X) and CPI vs Rent (Y)
scatter 2: Diff in OM (X) and Diff in WAULT (Y)
scatter 3: Diff in rent (X) and Diff in yield (Y)
scatter 4: Diff in OM (X) and Diff in WAULT (Y)

I am using the Asset Name for legend ( and have tried an index with Asset and Unit being same number) as well as Unit ID for details.

The requirement is to have all similar units and assets the same colour i.e. Asset A and Unit A being Blue and Asset B and Unit B being green etc.

There are many more line items than in the sample and I am trying unsuccessfully to get this to work without manually changning the data colours of each graph. This is not ideal as when the user changes the slicer these are all out of whack.

BI data example.xlsx (9.9 KB)


This can be handled nicely via a SWITCH-based measure.

CF Like Items =
    LEFT ( SELECTEDVALUE ( Data[Unit Name] ), 1 ),
    "A", "blue",
    "B", "green",
    "C", "red",

you can then select conditional formatting of your scatter points based on field value, and then just choose this measure.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

Thanks - how can I still have asset name in the legend and unit ID in details using this method?

When I add anything in the legend it removes the ability to use the conditional formating in the data colours?


Hi @troylongmuir. One way I’ve got around legend issues in the past is to duplicate the visual (without the legend), turn on the legend of the duplicate, then squeeze the duplicate until only the legend is visible. Now with the duplicate overlaid on top of the original, you can get two visuals that each show part of what you want for a complete whole.
Hope it helps.

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Thanks a lot - will have a go at this

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