Sales Dashboard with People Photos as Slicers

I recall either a Power BI Sample PBIX or a Enterprise DNA Summit where “peoples photos” were used as Slicers I believe … but no, can’t find it.

Does anyone know of an example PBIX that uses “Photos”

Happy New Year to ALL !


I don’t recall seeing one like this on Enterprise DNA, but it’s easy to do via the Microsoft Chiclet Slicer custom visual.

I found and attached below a sample PBIX that uses country flag logos (jpgs) as slicers. People photos could be done the exact same way, e.g.,


Hope this is helpful.

I have seen one that just uses jpegs with buttons over the top and hyperlinks in the action.

@SiliconValley, sorry no example but images don’t work too great with power bi especially as you need to normally host the image somewhere…

Chris Webb, has an interesting take on this here …regarding how larger images can be stored in Power bi and these images can then easily filter data in a matrix table. I have done this for a sales report before.

This should give you some options…Just be aware that the size of your images may negatively impact your report speed.