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Row context Dax calculation issue


I am stuck with a scenario not sure whether I am over engineering to solve it but the use case is as below -
Currently client wants to see a percentage of Active customer six months later against the current month Moving Out customers
Screen shot below

In the attached screen shot would like to see percentage of active customers(4[is the active customers in the month of Apr]/11[whereas 11 is the total customers in the month of Nov]) with Axis as Check month i.e Apr 2020 and so on.

most important thing here is the X Axis of bar chart should be Check month and not the period.

I was able to solve the same using a calculated column which is 6 months later column , but i would need to understand how this can be solved without using a calculated column.

Sample Pbix.pbix (20.0 KB)

@BrianJ - Think this would be a cake walk for you, it would great if you help here


In this case you’ve to create Calculated column.

Hi Vishy,
You can create a measure to get 6 month date and can use that for your calculation.

6 month later =
VAR MaxDate = FORMAT(EDATE(MAX(Sheet1[Period]),5),“MMMYY”)
return MaxDate

6 month later function returns the date + 6 months in current row context. Hope this helps.

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If he creates measure he can’t use in X Axis.