Rolling graph with fixed number of Period

Hi Team,
I would like to have a graph taking the data for last 12 months not including current month.
my data are live updated from ERP.

I added a column which can filter for last 12 months not including current month. But I got it from Jul 2019 to Nov 2020. Please see incorrect result sheet.
In the attached, I need Sep 2019 to Oct 2020 as we are now Nov 2020.

Please let me know how to fix the column formula or if there any way I can do to get this automated.
Many thanks.QRollingMonth.pbix (444.7 KB) TransactionsbyRollingDates.xlsx (1.1 MB)

Hi @ammu,

You can add a custom column with this M code to your date table, to create a Last 12M identifier.

In your expected result you were actually showing 14 months not 12 but you can adjust the number you want visible quite easily…

I hope this is helpful.


Many thanks, Melissa,
This is an exact one I required.
Much appreciated.