Rolling Average of a Measure



I have a measure that creates my forecast accuracy. I want to be able to view my results as a 12 month rolling average in a line chart. I can create this in a table using the below formula:

AME 12 Mth Avg = 
	KEEPFILTERS(VALUES('Historic_Index'[Forecast Date])),
	CALCULATE('Accuracy Calcs'[AME this month]))

This allows me to use filters to limit the table to the last 12 months and it will give me a single figure for the latest 12 month average. This does not however allow me to see the rolling average over a period of time - I want to see how it has moved as the year has progressed - I have attempted to do this but no method I have found allows me to apply a rolling average method to a measure - just to a column. Is there a way around this?


Have you check out the rolling average total technique here?

You can sub in any measure here, it doesn’t have to be a column at all.