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RLS & Deployment Pipelines

I added RLS to some PBI reports. When I published to the service and deployed through our pipeline I noticed it duplicated both reports and datasets. Has anyone ever encountered this? Shouldn’t the new report have been replaced?

I have seen this when a significant change has been made to the existing report and/or dataset - I am going to assume (although I have not personally seen this) that it happened because of the addition of the RLS data.

Of course, this also happens if you publish to a different workspace than the original, or change the name of the published report - but I’m guessing from your question that you did not do either of these.

But why wouldn’t it simply overwrite the dataset/report if we published it with the same name in the same workspace?

I don’t have an answer for why - I can just comment that I have seen a similar behavior, and under what circumstances. Below are a couple of comments I found with Google that address this same issue. These may provide some additional information for you.

Generally my solution (on the few times this has happened) is to make sure the new report is shared with my users, make the users aware of the change, and delete the old report and dataset.

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