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REUSING Dax Measures

I have REPORT 1 that uses DATASOURCE 1 (coming from FOLDER 1 for consolidating monthly reports that are exported from a source system)
I created Dax Measures for all the numeric fields in DATASOURCE 1
There are 14 Dax Measures

Now I am creating REPORT 2 and I only need DAX MEASURE 4 from REPORT 1

What is the best practice for getting JUST THAT MEASURE:

  1. Copy and paste DATASOURCE 1 Sql Script new BLANK QUERY in REPORT 2
    Then copy paste DAX MEASURE 4 script to NEW measure in REPORT 2

I wanted to avoid bringing the entire data model from REPORT 1 into REPORT 2
(I don’t like this because now I have 2 places to fix if things change?)

Thank you in advance


I use Tabular Editor to easily copy my measures from one report to another.

For situations where I use the same measure over and over again in each report, I put a copy of the DAX code into Analyst Hub, so that I can always easily copy and paste that code into a new measure.

However, neither of thse solutions are dynamic in the sense that if the code changes, I have to go into each report individually and fix it.

Templates might also be an avenue to explore, though personally I don’t use them much.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

Brian, thank you for the immediate reply.
Can I JUST create the new MEASURE in REPORT2 without first bringing in the entire DATAMODEL from REPORT 1


@DMercier Your measures depends on that data model?


@DMercier Then you need to move the data model.