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Return value associated with FIRSTDATE

I actually came up with a solution to this problem, but I think there may be a simpler way you can point out to me. Here’s what I’m working with:

The goal is to make it so BeginYear and BeginValue always correspond to the Year slicer and TotalDeltaValue = [Value]-[BeginValue].
BeginYear was easy enough:

But I struggled with BeginValue because I thought this would do it:

But it returned the sum of all values from all the years:
The problem is that I’m not understanding why this returns the sum of Value for all years when I’m explicitly filtering for FIRSTDATE.

What I ended up doing to make it work:

Mission accomplished:


  1. Can you explain the flaw in my logic for BeginValue1?
  2. Is there a more elegant solution?

Thank you.

So regarding the above, this looks good.

You can though get exactly the same just with MIN( yearcolumn) after CALCULATE.

Then is you want to get the min year value all you need is this.

CALCULATE( measure, FILTER( ALL( Dates ), YearColumn = MinYearMeasure ) )

That should do it.