Restrict Measure to only Calculate to End of Current Month


Hi Sam, I have a visual that is Showing Bar Graph data through the end of the year. I only want to show (Budget/Forecast) data through the end of the current Month. I know I just need to tweak the accompanying Measure but, I am stuck. Any help would be awesome! Thanks

Forecast Allocation to Today:=
|IF(LASTDATE(Dim_Date[FullDate]) >TODAY(),
[Forecast Allocation])


I think I solved it using my Relative Date Field in the Calendar Table. Let me know what you think. Thanks

IF ( MAX ( Dim_Date[RelativeMonths] ) > 1, BLANK (), [Budget Allocation] )


Yes this looks like a fine solution to me. So hopefully it has continued to work well.


Hi Sam,

I am trying to accomplish the same thing but I don’t have “[relativeMonths]” column. Do you have any other way to limit the measure to the current month?

Sorry mbrady1973 for stealing your post.



I no longer need help…
This video helped.