Report issue - just spinning for ever

Something I dont understand is happening. A user is getting an unresponsive report (in the power BI service as an app) - its just spinning.

In a copy of the data set I can confirm that he is in the right group so can see data and when I go to ‘Modelling’ and view as - everything works.

When I open a copy of the live report in desktop - the Modelling, view as option is not available?

Reports and data set are in two different workspaces but if he can open the App and I can use the view as with his details in the data set and get a result what am I missing?


Hi @ells,

Please check the documentation and especially the considerations/limitations section on shared datasets across workspaces.
Does the user have permissions to the dataset that is located in the other workspace?

I hope this is helpful.


thanks for that. I dont think it covers what I think I am looking for but as my access is limited I dont think this is going to be something I can sort. Currently going through You tube Power BI security videos to see if I can figure it out while working on something else.

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so it looks like Row Level Security was the culprit.
When I opened the data set and went to the modelling menu. I used view as and then entered the userid for the person having an issue. I could still see data.

It appears that I have to add the role and the user together. At this moment there was no data.

Am I correct in my assumption and is there any good learning resources for this. Been through a few You tube videos but none seem to cover it in depth.

This is still an issue.
If I “view as” and enter a role and the user id it shows me data
If I “view as” and enter the user id it shows me data

If the user does it he cant see anything, still spins forever. It appears to be the admin role that has no issue.

The only thing I can think is that when I build the data set the security comes from a dataflow in Dev workspace. I dont see why that should be an issue.