Refresh the report without accessing dataset

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I had set the Power BI gateway in correct manner. Is there any way to refresh the data in power bi service like using this image without accessing the dataset?

The shared report can be refreshed using image ?

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image Refresh in power bi service.

Hi @dennistgc,

Your question isn’t completely clear to me, do you mean a Page refresh without a Data model refresh?
Anyway here’s an article that might give you some insight. See the section on ‘Restrictions on refresh intervals’ and ‘Considerations and limitations’.

Hi Melissa,

A page refresh together with dataset refresh. Meaning that when i click page refresh in power bi service, it also make dataset refresh. Is it in that manner or there another setting?


Okay so in the Service you’ll probably want to set up a scheduled refresh.
Here’s more on that.

Hi Melissa,

Thanks. I am looking for instant refresh by clicking the refresh on the page instead of schedule refresh in power bi pro. Is there any recommendation?

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@dennistgc - hello unfortunately i dont think there is a way that exists for what you are trying to achieve without using 3rd party tool. I had a similar question and this was one of the possible option

your other option could be to use direct query but be mindful of performance implications.
you can refer this thread for additional info

Microsoft flow or microsoft automate is another option

let me know if this helps.

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So far doesn’t solve the problem.

Thank you.

@dennistgc none of the solutions are to my liking but as of now these are the only options

I haven’t done this myself, but you could look into using the PowerApps visual to trigger a Power Automate flow.

Though, manually refreshing the dataset could lead to going through your allowed number of refreshes for the day quicker than expected, leaving the report in a state with stale data for long periods. Which wouldn’t be ideal.

Hi @dennistgc

You can check this video, here BI Elite is using Power Automate and Wrap API to refresh dataset using button on Report Page.

You can test it out. Anyway you do a refresh limit of 8 refresh/day for PRO and 48 for Premium will remain

Ankit Jain

Nice! I’ll have to check that out.

I don’t think unfortunately Power BI on itself has an autorefresh unless you use a separate plugin of some sort.