Question for Sam



Wondering if your forum software is purchasable or did you develop it? It works fantastically and I can see many opportunities for my company to use.



Check out discourse -

You need to host it somewhere. I use -


Hi Sam
The content u have is great on here!
But wondering if u can please do a course onf trouble-shooting more indepth.
-What to do if Time Intelligence functions go wrong etc
-Dates Tables


I’m not too sure about this one unfortunately.

If the correct steps are followed based on the content that’s made available then there shouldn’t be a reason for trouble shooting. The trouble shooting should be more optimizing based on the techniques showcased. That’s my philosophy.

I have a immense amount of future content coming through all the time and for a long time in the future.

I think you’ll be very interested and excited about what’s coming.



Remember there’s is already a huge amount of content all indexed. So be sure to use the search functionality within the forum to find everything you need.