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In the course entitled "Financial Reporting with Power BI, in the module “Developing your data model and creating the right relationships” , I noticed that you do not make a relationship from the customer table to the invoice table. Why is that? Both of these tables have the field “customer index”. Without this relationship can the two tables still interact?


Welcome to the forum. In order to have an active relationship, you need to create a relationship between those 2 tables. There are ways to create “Active” relationships when creating measures with DAX. Look for some of Sam’s video’s on TREATAS or USERELATIONSHIP if interested in creating the relationship through DAX.

Here is a video from Sam about relationships:



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Hi James LR,

Its good that you are enjoying the course. There are many ways to create relationships and when you will be watching more videos by Sam McKay, he does explain that in detail. The main idea is that you can create active relationships in various ways and once you know different ways, you can utilise it in your model as per the requirement.
Hope to have cleared the point.
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Hi @JamesLR, you may also want to check this video where Sam talked about Setting up relationships in your models. You might get additional tips here.