Query Output with Filename


Hi All

I cannot see what I am missing with this one so any help is well received.

I have 4 Excel Files in a Folder that I want to Consolidate into a Single file. Each of those Excel Files will have a single Table but I cannot guarantee that the table name will always be the same. Have you seen any examples of how I can resolve this. I would also like to have the Filename as Column within the Consolidated Table but I only seem to be able to do one of the Other.




Hi Chris,

I haven’t specifically worked on an example like this, but I would always default to fixing this at source.

If the name is totally unknown all the time, you’ll have to complete so many work arounds within the query editor that it’s just wouldn’t be worth it.

Is there any way to standardize the file names in some way.

Also if the files are in the same folder, and have the same structure is there any reason why you can’t query the folder and attempt to complete appends on everything located within the folder?

I don’t think the names matter as much in this instance. Maybe I’m slightly off here, but I didn’t think they did.