Query editor Live Connection


Can we edit the query for live connection ?


Hi Leks, Live connection suggest your connecting to a tabular model. You can edit the connection to another model. But you can edit the query as it built into the tabular model.

What are you trying to achieve and what do you and don’t you have access/permission to?


Thank you for the response, I am trying to see if I can edit the query for SSAS multidimension query or the data mart tables in the live connection.
I do have admin permissions.


If you a using a direct query connection, unfortunately you can’t make any changes to the tables. You have to change at source.


You’d have to edit the tabular model it’s feeding from. It’s not that different from doing it in desktop.


There’s a link that covers the basics. If it isn’t you’re model might be better to get the person who created it to do it as any changes could impact loads of other reports.