Publish to the Web

I’m running into an interesting problem that I hope someone can help me with.

I took the code that @BrianJ has posted, in another article, on the stock market. I changed the stocks listed to the symbol for Crude Oil.

We charge a delivery charge for our Chemicals based on the previous day’s close of crude oil. The amount we charge sits in an Excel Spreadsheet.

I built a report that tracks the cost of crude oil and our delivery charges. The Report has 2 pages to it - One with the current prices and a chart of Crude prices. The second page has historical data in a table and the current prices. The report works flawlessly.

Since we have no company proprietary information I decided to Publish to the Web and place the result into our SharePoint Online. That part also work well and everyone has access to the information.

Where I see the problem is when the report is refreshed. At that time my PBIX and Report in the Service all update just fine.

The issue is in the Published Report. The first page will not update the current cost of Crude Oil but the Second page does update the cost. What’s confusing is that both pages use the same DAX formula to display the cost of crude oil.

A head scratcher. Thoughts from anyone.


Just a thought, have you refreshed the page in your browser (CTRL+F5)
I sometimes have a page that looks as if it’s not refreshed but after a reload of the page in the browser it is up to date and displays correctly…

@Melissa Yes I have done that. Forgot to put it in the original post


Just a stupid question - Is there a delay in the Publish to Web that I may not be aware of???

Yeah there is a delay, updates to reports or visuals may take up to two hours before your users see them, see for details this article.

Thanx @Melissa I’ll wait and see what happens after I refresh the PBIX.

That was the issue - Thanx @Melissa for pointing it out