Project forecasting with Financials

Hi All,

I’ve been busily creating a really nice Project Planning Tool for new Features and Products our company develops. In doing this I’ve been using the Financial Modelling Course as a guide.

I’d like to be able to use “What if” Parameters to change the dates of when projects will start which I am happy to advise I have been able to do quite easily at a global scale. i.e. I can move the dates of all projects up and down a month, but really I would like to be able to do this with individual projects and see how that would affect the cash flows overall. I’m thinking I will need to use Variables somehow to select the case I am after and change the start date of their cashflows only. I’m also expecting I will need a WhatIf parameter built for each project.

Here’s what I’m using for the Global Forecast with a single slider for all.

Total Expected Sales Forecast =
SUMX(‘Feature Revenues’,
[Expected Order Quantity] * [Expected Unit Price] ),
DATEADD(Dates[Date],‘Start Month’[Start Month Value]*-1,MONTH))

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Struggling to understand everything at play in the scenario. Probably need to see a demo model and some images of how these are all interacting together.

At the moment I’m just seeing a formula but not understanding the context or relationship sitting in behind the model that would affect it.

Shouldn’t be too difficult to integrate a parameter of a date into a formula so there must be something more to it which is not obvious at the moment.