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Product Status with blanks to show preceding status

Hello Everyone

I am looking to get all months between min and max dates for a product to display on a stacked bar chart.

For example

if Product A is selected in the slicer it should show me Jan, Feb, Mar and April. Feb as it is blank should have status of the preceding month, in this example - Ordered.

if Product B is selected in the slicer, it should show me Jan, Feb and Mar. Feb as it is blank should have preceding status, in this example - Shipped.


This is my data and I have this set up in the attached pbix with a date table
Product Status.pbix (42.1 KB)

Product Status Date Hierarchy
A Ordered 1/1/2020 1
A Shipped 3/2/2020 2
A Delivered 4/6/2020 3
A Returned 4
B Ordered 1/3/2020 1
B Shipped 1/6/2020 2
B Delivered 3/16/2020 3
B Returned 3/17/2020 4


Hi Satichun
I have tried something, see if it works for you:
I clicked on Month and selected show blank values, after that I can see even the months with no values.

You can see in the screenshot below:

Kind Regards

Hi Shumaila - Thank you for looking and no. The blank February should show January’s status. When the month is a blank it should pick up its preceding status.

For that I think we need to create a measure where we define if month is blank, give the value of proceeding month.
Let me try

I tired several variations and could not get to it.

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