Problems with visualization

Hi, everyone! I have been following Dashboarding & Data Visualization Intensive and I got problems with visualizations of Revenue within Time Frame =
CALCULATE( [Total Revenue];
FILTER( ‘Date’;
‘Date’[Date] <= TODAY() && ‘Date’[Date] >= TODAY() - [Time Frame Selected] )
As soon as I add the measure to map the point just disappear, but in the table visualization Revenue within Time Frame work just fine.!
problem|690x373 ![problem_1|690x373]

I have no idea why its happening. Thank you!

The best wat to figure out the issue is for you to post a sample PBIX file. Sometimes a photo works, but in the case need more info.


without the file like @ojones suggested and without knowing how those other measures are built, what happens if you wrap an ALL around your Filter( Date(…

Thank you for your time.
My version. Retail Sites.pbix (574.3 KB)

Hi, Nick_M! The mistake appears “The ALL function expects a table reference for argument ‘1’, but a table expression was used.”

Hello Ivanka,

I have taken a look at the relation between your Location table and Sales table. That relation was made with the Location ID and Product ID columns. If you relate both Location ID columns you may get the right results. Maybe you can give it a try.


Hello Daniel. Thank you soo much for help.

You’re welcome Ivanka